Course curriculum

    1. What is Forex Trading ?

    2. The Forex Market History

    3. Forex Market Participants – Who Trades Forex and Why?

    4. Is Forex Trading Profitable? How to profit in Forex

    5. Forex vs Stocks – What is the Better Market?

    6. The Advantages of Forex Trading

    7. The Different Types of Forex Markets

    8. How Forex Trading Works – The Forex Market Structure

    9. How to choose a Forex Broker – What you Need to Know

    10. The Major Currencies Traded in Forex

    11. The Forex Trading Sessions

    12. Introduction to Forex Charting

    13. Japanese Candlesticks Explained

    14. What is Leverage in Forex?

    15. What is Pip in Forex Trading?

    16. Selecting A Broker with Suitable Charts For You

    17. Advantages of Using a New York Close Forex Data Feed

    1. How to download and install metatrader 5 (mt5) platform?

    2. How to use mt5 tools and chart set up?

    3. Market watch and symbol specifications

    4. How to save a template on metatrader5 Platform?

    5. How to setup a profile in metatrader5 Platform?

    6. How to place Buy and Sell orders in metatrader5 Platform?

    7. How to place stop loss on Metatrader5 Platform?

    8. How to place Take profit on metatrader5 Platform?

    9. How to place Trailing stop on Metatrader5 Platform?

    10. How to place Pending orders? (Buy stop, Buy limit, Sell stop, sell limit)

    11. What is Buy stop limit and Sell stop limit orders in metatrader5 Platform?

    12. How to see balance , equity, and Account history on mt5 platform?

    13. What is Margin ?

    14. What is Margin Level in Metatrader5 platform?

    15. What is Free Margin in Metatrader5 Platform?

    16. What is Margin call?

    17. What is stopout?

    18. How to change Time frames on mt5 platform?

    19. How to use Bar chart candle chart and line charts?

    20. How to install indicators?

    21. How to install Expert Advisors in metatrader5 ?

    22. What is Leverage in metatrader5 Platform ?

    23. What is Lot size in Forex Metatrader5 Platform?

    24. How to Create Custom Alerts and Notifications in metatrader5 ?

    25. What is Commission in Forex Trading ? (Commission Vs Free Commission )

    26. What is demo account, Live Account and Partner Account?

    27. How To Open Demo Account In TTS Markets?

    28. How To Open Live Account In TTS Markets?

    29. How To Deposit Funds On MT5 Platform Through Broker?

    30. How To Withdraw Funds On MT5 Platform Through Broker?

    31. How To Change Master Password On MT5 Platform?

    32. How To Change Investor Password On MT5 Platform?

    33. How To Change Leverage On MT5 Platform Through Broker?

    34. How to close open positions on Metatrader5 Platform ?

    35. How To Open Introducing Broker Account Or Partner Account?

    36. How To See Partner Account Commissions In Forex Broker?

    37. How To Download and Install MT5 Platform In Android Mobile?

    1. What is Technical and Fundamental Analysis?

    2. What is Supply and Demand?

    3. What is support and Resistance?

    4. How Support And Resistance Formed ?

    5. Plotting Horizontal Support and Resistance

    6. How to draw Trendline support and Resistance ?

    7. How to draw support and Resistance in Multi time frame ?

    8. What Time Frames Suitable for you?

    9. How to find out uptrend market?

    10. How to find out Down trend market?

    11. How to find out Range market?

    12. How to draw Major trend lines and Minor Trendlines?- Part1

    13. How to draw Major trend lines and Minor Trendlines?

    14. How to draw Major trend lines and Minor Trendlines?- Part2

    15. How to draw Range markets or Consolidation Markets ?

    16. What is Breakout in Forex?-Part1

    17. What is Breakout ? Part-2

    18. How to detect Fake Breakouts?-Part1

    19. How to Detect Fake Breakout? Part2

    20. What is Pullback and Throwbacks?-Part1

    21. What is Pullback and Throwback? Part 2

    22. What is pullback and Throwback ? Part3

    23. What is Pullback and Throwback? Part4

    24. How to trade on pullback and Throwbacks?

    25. Where to Place stop loss ?

    26. Where to place take profits?

    27. How to trade on False Breakouts?

    28. Where to Enter a trade?

    29. Where to exit open positions?

    1. Triangle Pattern session

    2. Triangle pattern example1

    3. Triangle pattern Example2

    4. Triangle pattern example3

    5. Triangle pattern Example4

    1. How to install and use mt5 money manager tool on mt5 platform?

    2. How to use Fibonacci tools as Risk Reward tool?

    3. Risk Vs Reward Ratio's

    4. Lot size calculation

    5. Split money management Trading method

    6. Pyramid money management

    1. Psychology

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